Sunday, January 17, 2010

tue, 1/ 12

There was a big fire at one of the middle schools in Bellingham awhile back, and it made me think to look up photos of the middle schools I attended there: Shuksan Middle School for the last half of 6th grade (I attended the school on Waldron for the first half), and Fairhaven Middle School for one month of 7th grade, and then 8th grade (I "placed" into 8th grade after some testing - it's where I actually belonged).

This is historic Fairhaven, which I think is a landmark and so can't be razed and replaced as happened to Shuksan in the past year. When my dad was getting his teaching certificate at Western, he student taught at Fairhaven under Mrs. Nordin, who was also my social studies teacher in 8th grade (in the "small world" department). She had a fierce reputation but we always got along fine.

I haven't been able to track down any decent photos of Shuksan from the year I attended (1974), unfortunately.

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