Sunday, January 17, 2010

sat, 1/ 16

First day of swimming lessons at Linda Riggins! The boys did well, getting used to a new routine. I'm glad to have been there before with the older boys (albeit 10+ years ago!) so I could usher them through the new experience with some foreknowledge of how it all works. The changing room has gotten a nice upgrade since we were last there. Little "stalls" with curtains to change behind now, and an organized, fresh look. Very nice.

The boys had a substitute teacher this week (their soon-to-be-regular teacher had the flu), and she was very nice. Easygoing and calm. Got them off to a good start.

Niall knows a lot more about swimming than I'd remembered. That was a pleasant surprise! He quickly moved to swimming the length of the pool instead of the width and zoomed right along.

Cory is kind of back to square one, but that's why we're doing lessons. It's been nine months since he had lessons and he's forgotten all about how to put his face in, blow bubbles, etc. But...I'm confident that he'll pick it up before long.

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