Friday, December 4, 2009

[day 340... dec 6]

Niall won't be nine until 12/23, but this year I organized his "friends" birthday party early so we wouldn't get caught up in the holiday crazies and miss it (as we do nearly every year!).

He wanted a bowling party, so we went to Tech City Bowl in Kirkland for an hour of bowling with friends from school, and then pizza and cake. The kids had a grand time, especially Niall. And Cory, who came in 2nd or 3rd in bowling - go figure!

I usually make our traditional chocolate cake for birthdays (off the Hershey's cocoa box - FABULOUS). But I decided to do that for family to enjoy on Niall's real birthday, and we picked out a yummy two-layer fudge cake to share at his party. It was a big hit! Enough chocolate and sugar to last them all well into the evening, I'm sure. :P

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