Friday, November 6, 2009

[day 308... nov 4]

There's a pedestrian bridge over the freeway that we pass nearly every day on the way to school. It has a lovely arching line to it, and I have wanted to stop and photograph it for years now.

Today on the way home it looked especially fetching, rainswept with leaves decorating it, and I couldn't resist. I pulled over in the pouring rain, with the boys waiting in the car, got out, draped a jacket over my head and held it out over my camera, and took a few quick (but satisfying!) photos. Then a mad dash back to the car as the skies opened up and the wind whipped through the trees. Whee!

Maybe now that I've broken the ice, I'll find time to squeeze in a few more visits to the bridge and snap pictures to my heart's content. Love being inspired by regular, commonplace scenes that are part of our everyday lives but striking in their own unique ways.

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