Friday, December 18, 2009

[day 349... dec 15]

Today was Open Mike at PSCS! I decided to take the day off from work so I could come to Open Mike and see Tynor's bands perform, and also run some errands and do a bit of Christmas shopping.

Several other student groups performed before the bands, including a violin solo and some "slam poetry," which was pretty striking.

Then the "other" band (not Tynor's :-) played, and finally Tynor's group was up.

This was Tynor's first time playing bass in performance so he was a little nervous (he's only been playing for something like a couple of weeks!), but he did great - even on the solos. After two songs, including one that the band had composed themselves, they switched around and Tynor played drums while Tristan moved to vocals. They played a German song that was actually pretty cool.

True confessions: I was a little afraid that I might wish I had earplugs for both band sets. But I actually enjoyed all but one song. Kind of amazing! Also enjoy watching Tynor play in any case.

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