Saturday, December 12, 2009

[day 346... dec 12]

We took a quick trip up to Bellingham today, including giving Keturah a ride, so we had a full car on the way up! Met up with Grandpa Stan and he took us all out to lunch. Despite the tumult of two very busy young kiddos along, it was fun. I think Grandpa, Tynor, and Keturah even managed to chat a bit on the other side of the table at the restaurant. :D Grandpa and Cory played some rounds of tic-tac-toe, which helped keep him entertained (Cory, that is).

After lunch, we dropped off Keturah at home and then headed back to Grandpa's to play with the dogs a bit before driving back south. Niall and Cory loved playing with the agility gear in the backyard, jumping over poles and running through the weave poles. The dogs joined in sometimes too. :-)

As we were winding up our visit, Grandma Marian returned with Star. They'd been at an agility event in Marysville (so we drove past her on our way up). It was quite entertaining to see how thrilled Star was to see Tynor. She was just beside herself. What a great pair. :-)

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