Saturday, December 12, 2009

[day 344... dec 10]

I had my observation and conference for Cory today. I watched the class from the observation room with the window all the way open, straining to hear the children's voices over the music and commotion of "Ellen time" in the Center Room.

Cory seemed content and centered, following the expected routine and purposefully engaged in activities. The morning meeting went exceptionally long (45 minutes), but otherwise the kids were busy and mostly agreeable with each other.

After snack, Cory's classmates bundled up and headed to Spanish class while Cory happily gave me a tour of the classroom. He showed me the "deepas" they had made (for Divali, I think - they're covering a whole bunch of winter festivals right now), pleased with his choice of blue and orange paint for the decoration. He also pointed out his "Raven" puppet which he made after they saw the puppet show of "Raven and the Box of Daylight." Joyce wants to keep his puppet for the art show (which is in May!) but he said that "The day after that, we'll bring it home."

We also looked at the many choices of building materials - blocks, Legos, the colored sticks that we had even back when I was at Little School (I loved them, with their smooth sides and pretty colors - when I remember what they're called, I'll come back and add that). He is deeply into Lego building at home, and enjoys it at school too (along with K'Nex at Extended Day).

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