Friday, June 26, 2009

[day 175 ... june 24]

Niall is in heaven this week: basketball camp. He's been asking me about playing basketball on a team for several months now, though I keep telling him that basketball is a winter sport! I did promise him that he'd have some basketball camps this summer, though, and managed to squeeze a few into the summer plan. It wasn't easy. I have to find camps for both boys that are in the same place, and Cory can only do MiniHawks at his age so that constrains the choices considerably. And I don't want to drive them to Mercer Island or Issaquah, so options are limited even further. I spent a whole morning just trying to find camps that would work for the weeks that we aren't on vacation. It was not fun at all!

Unfortunately there were few basketball camp options that fit in with everything else, but at least this week worked out. I'm also planning to check out a YMCA membership which would give us more options for recreational b-ball as well as a winter kids' league.

It's amazing to watch him be so passionately into this sport. When I watched him today, they had just learned about defense and he was totally into it. And boy did he wear himself out, too. Just exhausted - really good for him. Though makes for a rather crabby evening. Tradeoffs, tradeoffs.

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