Friday, June 26, 2009

[day 173 ... june 22]

Today was Cory's first day of sports camp! He's the fourth kid to attend a Skyhawks MiniHawks camp, following all his brothers right down the line. These half-day camps are very cute and fun (when done well, which they usually are). The kids are all 4-5-6YOs (Cory's camp was nearly all tow-headed 5YO boys this time - don't know how the coaches kept track of them!) and they learn a few skills about each sport: soccer, basketball, and baseball. They play lots of fun games and have plenty of water and snack breaks.

Cory was sure he didn't want to ever go to camp, but once he was there and got into it, he had such a great time. He's really tentative about new situations but warms up and gets into it before too long, thankfully. His two coaches for this camp are terrific, which makes a big difference too.

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