Friday, April 10, 2009

[day 98 ... april 8]

I was so sad to find out recently (online, actually, not in the magazine itself) that Simple Scrapbooks, one of my very favorite magazines is closing its doors. I expect it's a victim of the awful economic downturn and just can't get enough advertising for its subscription rate. I completely understand why tough choices like these have to be mad.

But it still makes me sad. I eagerly looked forward to every issue and found that most of the content spoke to me more than other scrapbooking volumes like Creating Keepsakes. Still enjoy CK, no mistake - but often the scrapbook pages and techniques are way above and beyond what I would ever do, or want to do, when scrapbooking. My goal is always to have a great "space" for my photos (as many as possible!) and to tell the story behind them. I like the space to look attractive and balanced, but I don't get into all the artsy stuff like painting photos edges or making elaborate ribbon roses.

I guess I'll need to tap into the Simple Scrapbooking crowd online more now. But it won't be at all the same as having these great ideas come popping into my mailbox every other month. RIP Simple Scrapbooks. :-(

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