Monday, April 6, 2009

[day 94 ... april 4]

Drove to Bellingham this morning for an overnight visit with Grandpa Stan and Grandma Marian. Of course, visiting with the dogs (Hally, Star, and Cody) was an eagerly anticipated highlight. Niall especially can't get enough of them, and Tynor has a special place for these pooches after spending a lot of time with them at agility trials.

The Snapp grandparents have agility equipment set up in their small backyard: weave poles, several jumps that you can set to multiple heights, and a teeter board (that was not strong enough for kids but was oooh, so tempting!). Cory and Niall had fun running the weave poles and setting the jumps to various levels, and also tried to get Cody to do a run for them. He obliged some of the time, but was much too excited about company and playing to focus for very long.

In the afternoon, we drove over to Chuckanut Beach, south of Fairhaven. Grandpa was meeting with several local folks to walk the beach and talk about options for correcting some environmental issues.

We came along to play on the beach, and it was fabulous. Niall and Cory eagerly explored around the big rocks, finding shells and other signs of sea life. The tide was already out and heading farther out, so the mudflats extended out over the bay. The sun was out, and the scene was just spectacular. A train crossed the front of the cove as we walked up the beach, and we found some cool driftwood to climb on.

After we strolled back, the little guys found the mud irresistible and began making mud castles, walls, rivers. It was hard to tear them away when it was finally time to go. We will definitely be back.

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