Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1/7/13: Cory's first day back at school

Cory's first day back at school, and he was not terribly thrilled about it. Much sobbing last night, but this morning he was more composed. Still not happy, but at least not dissolving into tears and dwelling on all the reasons why this was a horrible thing.

Here he's perched on a little ledge by the front doors to the Little School Woods Building. When he's not practicing his ukulele skills in the 15 minutes or so after the doors open and before school starts, he sometimes sits here and watches the kids mill around, waiting for classroom doors to open.

The poster behind him is a list the classes came up with a few years ago that attempts to prevent some of the conflict over fort-building and use in the woods around the classroom building. If those rules were followed, I'm sure all would be smooth sailing!

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