Friday, November 26, 2010

fri, 11/ 330

Cory had a tumultuous morning at Grandma and Grandpa's.

We had a yummy breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, and Cory's tooth finally came out - first one! Very exciting. Though he seems to have swallowed it - whoops!(I told him the Tooth Fairy pays double if you swallow the tooth by mistake, so he didn't get too upset over losing it.)

But then - a big to-do with Grandma over not picking up blocks (and even throwing them :-( ) so a timeout to himself for a good part of the late morning. Sigh.

Finally he recovered enough to apologize to Grandma, and he and I took Hally for a walk up to the mailboxes and back.

A rainy, rainy day and no more snow to be seen. We packed up and headed south about noon, with a stop for fish & chips at the Fairhave bus.

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