Sunday, March 21, 2010

sat, 3/ 79

We headed down to Little School today after Cory's gymnastics for an Annie work party. Orphan costumes, brick wall and back-lit window backdrops, and cute little beds with sheets. All coming together nicely.

Here's Cory mimicking me documenting the work party. :-)

After dinner, we celebrate Tynor's 16th birthday! Which was actually yesterday, but - too busy to give him proper attention then.

I tried a new cake which was supposed to be "rich, dark chocolate" but...not so much. I had in mind "fudgy" and this almost mealy. Sigh. Maybe that's what five eggs will do (hey, at least we used up a lot of eggs!).

Tynor and Niall seemed to think it was ok. Cory and I were definitely in the opposite camp. Guess I'll just have to make him a proper traditional frosted chocolate cake to make up for it!

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