Thursday, December 2, 2010

fri, 12/ 337

It was Family Night at Little School tonight, and Book Fair as well. I really enjoyed Cory having the chance to "teach" me about fitting the pattern blocks into the shape outlines. Then he showed me several cool BIG posters he's made recently: one of Darth Maul and one of a kingly "rug" with gold ribbon taped down each side. Finally we played a game of "Blink," a card game where you match colors, shapes or numbers.

Meanwhile, Niall practiced his ukelele in the obs near his classroom, and ended up doing a demonstration for parents coming by. Very cool.

Later he showed me the "tableau" posters his class has created, that help demonstrate a concept like conflict resolution or how a character coped with adversity in a book. Very fun. And then we took a look at these historical objects he and his classmates made, based on their books of historical fiction.

Last, we hotfooted it up to the Book Fair and tried not to be overwhelmed by the many, many cool books available there. Niall bought the latest Artemis Fowl book, "The Atlantis Complex," with his own money. :-)

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