Saturday, October 30, 2010

sat, 10/ 303

Rally to Restore Sanity!

The Comedy Central guys, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert, held a big rally in D.C. today to promote moderation in the political discourse. I don't know that it will have one iota of impact, but I took the boys downtown to participate in Seattle's sattelite rally, to show my support for stopping the insanity.

It was crowded and drizzly (then rainy!), but we enjoyed the bus ride (a rare treat), got McD's at Westlake to refuel, and got to hear some of the singers, comics, and speakers (including a live feed of Jon & Steven debating on the other coast) inbetween. When it really started to rain, we headed back to the bus tunnel and caught the 255 back to the Kirkland Park & Ride.

Tynor came with us, but hung out with his friend Laura and came home later. Kellen & Josie were there too, but the crowds were so thick, we couldn't ever find them. I was happy that we were all there supporting the cause, though. :D

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