Monday, September 27, 2010

tue, 9/ 271

Busy day today, but fun. It was Microsoft's annual Company Meeting, which is at Safeco Field in Seattle, so Tynor and I drove downtown together after dropping off the little guys at school.

I got to hang out at PSCS for a bit, attending check-in, chatting with Tynor, Julianna, and other friends, and wrapping up with a fabulous gab session with Steve about progressive education (yeah!).

Then I walked over to the meeting, which was actually surprisingly good. Minimum slides and yammering about profits and market share, maximum cool demos showcasing truly amazing features and integration between products. Wow!

Plus the darling and very funny Amy Sedaris was our hostess. How can you go wrong? :D

As I was walking back from the meeting, I decided to stop at a Starbucks for cocoa. And who should I run into there but...Kellen! What a wonderful surprise. It had been way too long since I'd last seen him.

He told me that this Starbucks - about a 2 minute walk from Uwajimaya - was his "office" and he came by often to sip a mocha and tap away at various online projects before heading over to work.

So a day full of treats all around!

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