Monday, June 21, 2010

sun, 6/ 171

It was a chilly, rainy Sunday - perfect for going to the movies!

Happily for us, Toy Story 3 just came out, to very good reviews too. Niall, Cory and I headed down to the Woodinville Loews theater and caught the 11:30 showing. It was crowded, but we lucked out into three seats right behind the handicap seating area so Cory had a great view - and somewhere to rest his feet. :-)

It was a lot of fun, though Cory was a bit freaked out by the daycare scenes with the mildly-evil purple scented bear. He's pretty averse to scary movies, especially in the theater with the big screen and big sound. But he sat on my lap and I covered his ears, and he made it through okay.

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