Tuesday, March 9, 2010

tue, 3/9...day 68

From my Facebook status today: "Thinking of how amazing it is to connect and reconnect on this magical Internet/Facebook place, and also how sad it is to lose someone you've formed a whole new friendship with this way. Rest in peace, Pete."

Pete Holm - father of one of my best childhood friends, Narayani - passed away yesterday from a heart attack, while he was out hiking. I didn't know him well when Nari and I were children, but all these years later on Facebook, we connected and became friends. We shared a common outlook on healthcare reform and striving for patience and kindness in our lives. I enjoyed his many posts about his political passions and his hiking and camping trips, often with friends and family.

His loss really hit me hard. That someone could be here, posting away as usual one day, and then...simply gone. And he was my dad's age, which makes it all the more shocking. I will really miss his regular updates and sharing back and forth.

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