Monday, March 15, 2010

sat, 3/ 72

After I dropped of Cory at gymnastics, I headed over to Grandma's to pick up Niall. We got back to the gym place with lots of time to spare, and instead of going back inside to watch Cory, we decided to take a walk.

The gym is located in an industrial building, set among many others, so it's not a great place for walking. But it was a lovely morning, with big puffy white clouds, and we strolled around looking at various buildings, equipment, retaining walls, and more. At one point, Niall noted that the clouds over our heads were forming a neat square shape - not that common for puffy clouds. I think he had geometry on the brain. :-)

And here's Cory at the end of his gymnastics class, when all the kids sit in a row and get stickers, stamps on their hands, and a little bag of animal crackers. I remember the same ritual when Niall went to this gymnastics place six years ago - quite the tradition, I guess. The kids do enjoy it, and it's a nice way to slow down and wrap up after all that physical exertion.

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