Monday, January 11, 2010

sun, 1/ 3

Every year I make photo calendars from photos of the kids taken the previous year. It's a big project going back over all the 1000's of photos (especially this past year, with Project 365!), finding a good assortment of horizontal photos or cropping pictures to make a horizontal out of a vertical, including some of each kid, paying some attention to birthday months, holidays, etc.

Uploading the photos and creating the calendar (I use Shutterfly) is the easy part! :-) Though this year they have colored borders to choose - that added a bit of challenge (they've always been just white before).

I always make one for my dad and Marian, one for Candi, one for me, and then sometimes other people whom I think might enjoy them (without getting tired of Another Kid of Stacia's month after month :D).

I love having mine up in my office. This is the first photo of the year.

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