Friday, October 16, 2009

[day 284... oct 11]

Our first outing to Remlinger Farms! It was another sunny Fall day and the Harvest Festival at Remlinger is just perfect for kids Cory and Niall's ages, so we had a great time. Lots of people there, of course, especially ages 0-3 it seemed. In fact, we ran into Garland and her family there, looking just a bit overwhelmed. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves too.

The rides were almost all sized just right for little people, but still lots of fun. The kids rode in the spinning barrels (like a teacup ride - too dizzying for me!), the flying pumpkins (an octopus ride), the roller coaster, a tiny Ferris Wheel, a small canoe ride, antique cars (my favorite when I was little - I thought I was really steering them!), a "whirly-bird" that was all kid-powered, and the train.

The boys also really enjoyed the hay bale maze, visiting the baby goats and other animals, and playing on a cool old-fashioned fire engine. The pizza for lunch was tasty too!

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