Saturday, July 25, 2009

[day 204 ... july 23]

For a change of pace, Niall is in a half-day computer camp this week (and next) and is really enjoying it. They spend the first half hour (camp starts at 8 a.m.!) playing card games and just enjoying some fun time together before they head over to the laptops and learn cool computer stuff. Throughout the day they take breaks to jump on the equipment (it's held at a local jumpy place, Pump It Up) so they aren't just sitting and working all the time. It seems like a great combination. Kudos to whoever thought this up!

The only downside is that it costs an arm and a leg. But since besides these weeks, Niall is in Skyhawks camps the rest of the summer, it balances out ok. I just really wanted to give him a treat and introduce him to a variety of fun stuff you can do on computers, besides play Club Penguin and find things on Wikipedia. You would think I could just teach him stuff myself doesn't work out that way.

He could probably teach me a lot after this week! :-) With the help of camp counselors Spidey, DJ (shown in the photo), and Radifier, he's learned about creating Flash games, editing photos with PhotoShop, and other fun stuff. Next week he'll be digging into Robotics with the latest Lego Mindstorms system. He can't wait!

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