Thursday, May 14, 2009

[day 122 ... may 2]

We started our deck garden today, at last! One of Cory's friends at school gave out pea seeds and a tiny pot for her birthday, and the peas we planted several weeks back were falling over in their little pot. So we seized the moment and transplanted them into one of the big pots on the deck, and planted more peas while we were at it.

Cory also found some dried radish seed pods from the one radish we let go to seed last year (an experiment that Niall wanted to try), so he planted a few of those in another pot as well.

And coincidentally, Mrs. Wheat from next door stopped by in the morning with some leftover pumpkin seeds (they had just planted theirs) so we popped those into the ground too, along with some green beans from last year. We're on our way!

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