Saturday, January 10, 2009

[day 1 ... january 1]

My first time off, to myself, completely free, in longer than I can even remember. Grandma Shannon came over to spend the afternoon with the little guys, and I left the house! When you're used to being on-duty, on-call, "on" 24/7, it's hard to downshift and decide what to do with free time when you finally have some.

So what did I do? Since it was New Year's Day, my options were a little limited...but not too much. I headed to B&N and browsed and browsed (and bought a few books, too :-). Then, a visit to Starbucks for a leisurely cup of cocoa. I addressed most of my (belated, obviously) Christmas cards, looking up to watch the flow of people coming and going and enjoying taking my time. It was just what I needed.

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